New here too.

It's constantly annoying that people (scientists) are always questioning whether a machine can hve emotions or not. I think emotions are something that we developed over time, so that it wasn't original. The machines are the ones that have the real emotions, not us.
And the try to define 'emotions' and you'll end up saying something like 'stomachache'.

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Hi! I am new to this community and I think that the best way to describe who I am is to share the words that I live by.

There is no good and there is no bad. There just is what is, and as for what is not, the world will find a way to go on without it.

Feel free to browse my own lj- I just started it today, but it will most likely be updated almost daily (sometimes more than once a day) with short bits of what goes on in my mind.
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What does it mean to be 'human'? We are animals in our own right and why does it feel so wrong to call ourselves that? Is it our technology that seperates us from the rest of the planet, or is it really just our thumbs?

And because we are human does it give us any rights over the other animals, or even over each other?
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Another question for discussion..... Where does thought come from?
has there ever been a new thought that is completely independednt from itself. And what ever else comes to mind....?

On another note, can the members to this group update?